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    The 2017 NBA Draft was one of the most exciting drafts in recent memory, with a plethora of talented young players coming into the league. However, the excitement doesn`t end with the draft – the signing of rookie contracts is an important step in the development of these young players.

    First, let`s break down what exactly a rookie contract is. NBA rookie contracts are the contracts signed by players who are drafted into the league for the first time. These contracts are typically four years in length, with the first two years being guaranteed. The amount of money a player can make on his rookie contract is determined by his draft position, with higher picks earning more money.

    So, what do the rookie contracts for the 2017 NBA Draft look like? Let`s take a look at some of the top picks:

    1. Markelle Fultz, Philadelphia 76ers – Fultz was the first overall pick in the 2017 draft, and his contract is worth a guaranteed $33.7 million over four years.

    2. Lonzo Ball, Los Angeles Lakers – Ball was the second overall pick, and his contract is worth a guaranteed $33 million over four years.

    3. Jayson Tatum, Boston Celtics – Tatum was the third overall pick, and his contract is worth a guaranteed $28.3 million over four years.

    4. Josh Jackson, Phoenix Suns – Jackson was the fourth overall pick, and his contract is worth a guaranteed $26.6 million over four years.

    5. De`Aaron Fox, Sacramento Kings – Fox was the fifth overall pick, and his contract is worth a guaranteed $24.2 million over four years.

    As you can see, the top picks in the 2017 draft are set to make quite a bit of money over the course of their rookie contracts. However, it`s important to note that these contracts are not the end-all, be-all for these players – many of them will go on to sign even bigger contracts once their rookie deals expire.

    Overall, the signing of rookie contracts is an exciting time for both the players and their teams. It`s a sign of the potential and promise these young players hold, and it`s a crucial step in their development as NBA players. With the 2017 draft class looking as talented as it does, it`s sure to be an exciting few years for NBA fans.

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    Renting a property can be a daunting experience, but ensuring the rental agreement is properly registered can help prevent future legal disputes. If you are renting a property in Mumbai, registering your rental agreement is essential. Here’s a guide on how to register your rent agreement in Mumbai.

    Step 1: Prepare the Required Documents

    Before registering your rental agreement, ensure you have all the necessary documents. These include:

    1. Original copy of the rental agreement: The agreement should clearly state the terms and conditions of the tenancy arrangement.

    2. Proof of identity: Both the landlord and tenant should present a valid ID proof, such as a passport, driving license, or Aadhaar card.

    3. Proof of address: Both parties should provide documents that prove their current address, such as a utility bill, bank statement, or rental agreement.

    4. Stamp duty and registration fee: The registration fee is 1% of the total rent amount, and stamp duty is calculated based on the circle rate of the property.

    Step 2: Visit the Sub-Registrar’s Office

    The next step is to visit the Sub-Registrar’s Office in the area where the property is located. The Sub-Registrar’s Office is responsible for registering property transactions. The person who presents the documents for registration must be either the landlord or the tenant.

    Step 3: Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees

    Once at the Sub-Registrar’s Office, the parties should calculate and pay the stamp duty and registration fees. This can be done through a stamp vendor, bank, or by using the e-stamp facility.

    Step 4: Execution of Rental Agreement

    After payment of stamp duty and registration fees, the rental agreement can be executed. Both parties should sign the agreement in the presence of two witnesses. The witnesses should also provide their ID proofs and addresses.

    Step 5: Submission of Documents

    After the rental agreement is executed, submit all necessary documents to the Sub-Registrar’s Office. These include the original and photocopies of the rental agreement, ID proofs of both parties, and proof of address.

    Step 6: Receipt of Registered Agreement

    The Sub-Registrar’s Office will verify the documents and, if everything is in order, register the rental agreement. The registered rental agreement will be issued to both parties.

    In conclusion, registering your rental agreement in Mumbai is a straightforward process that requires preparing the necessary documents, visiting the Sub-Registrar’s Office, paying the stamp duty and registration fees, executing the rental agreement, and submitting the documents. Proper registration can help prevent future legal disputes and provide peace of mind to both the landlord and tenant.

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    FIFO Contract Admin Jobs: A Guide to Finding the Right Opportunity for You

    Are you an experienced contract administrator looking for an exciting new challenge? Do you enjoy working in fast-paced environments and have a passion for the resources industry? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then a FIFO contract admin job may be the perfect fit for you.

    FIFO stands for “fly-in, fly-out,” and refers to a work arrangement where employees are flown to remote worksites, typically in the mining, oil, and gas industries, for a set period of time before returning home. Contract administrators are vital to the smooth operation of these projects, as they are responsible for managing contracts, ensuring compliance, and liaising with stakeholders.

    So, what makes FIFO contract admin jobs so appealing? Here are a few key benefits:

    1. High earning potential: FIFO contract administrators can earn significantly higher salaries than their non-FIFO counterparts due to the remote and often demanding nature of the work.

    2. Job security: The resources industry is always in demand, meaning that there are plenty of job opportunities available for contract administrators with the right skills and experience.

    3. Exciting lifestyle: For those who enjoy adventure and travel, FIFO work provides the opportunity to work in some of the most remote and beautiful locations in the world.

    If you`re interested in pursuing a FIFO contract admin job, there are a few things you can do to increase your chances of success:

    1. Build up your experience: Employers in the resources industry are often looking for candidates with a solid track record of contract administration experience. Make sure to highlight your experience in your resume and cover letter, and be prepared to provide examples of your successful contract management projects.

    2. Network: Attend industry events and conferences to meet other professionals in the field and find out about potential job opportunities. Join LinkedIn groups and participate in online forums to stay up-to-date on industry news and trends.

    3. Research potential employers: Before applying for a job, do your research on the company to ensure that they are a good fit for your skills and experience. Look for companies with a strong reputation for safety, environmental responsibility, and employee satisfaction.

    In conclusion, a FIFO contract admin job can be a challenging and rewarding career choice for those with the right skills and experience. By highlighting your relevant experience, networking with industry professionals, and researching potential employers, you can increase your chances of finding the perfect opportunity for you.

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    If you are a legal professional or a business owner who intends to enter into a legal agreement with another party, it is essential to have a written agreement that has been approved by both parties. In the past, creating a legal agreement from scratch could take a significant amount of time, but with the advent of legal agreement templates in Word, the process has become much easier.

    A legal agreement template in Word is a pre-designed document that contains all the essential elements needed for an agreement. Using a template ensures that the agreement is legally sound and includes all relevant clauses, making it easier to negotiate with the other party.

    There are many benefits of using a legal agreement template in Word. Firstly, it saves time. A legal agreement can take days or even weeks to create, but a template can be customized to suit your needs in a matter of hours. Secondly, it saves money. Hiring a lawyer to draft a legal agreement can be expensive. With a template, you can save money on legal fees and invest it in other areas of your business.

    Another significant advantage of using a legal agreement template in Word is that it is easily accessible. You don`t need to have a legal background to use a template. The template provides clear instructions, making it easy to fill in the required details. In addition, templates can be found online, making them easy to download and use at your convenience.

    When selecting a legal agreement template in Word, ensure that it suits your specific legal needs. There are many different types of agreements, such as non-disclosure agreements, employment agreements, service agreements, and more. Choose a template that is tailored to your specific needs to ensure that all essential clauses are included.

    In conclusion, using a legal agreement template in Word provides many benefits. It saves time and money while ensuring that the agreement is legally sound and includes all essential clauses. Moreover, it is easily accessible and straightforward to use. Remember to choose a template that suits your specific legal needs, and always have your agreement reviewed by a legal professional before signing.

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    Subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of grammar that every student must learn. It is the concept of ensuring that the subject and verb in a sentence agree in number and person. This agreement is crucial in creating clear and concise sentences that provide the intended meaning to the reader. As a grade 7 student, you may find subject-verb agreement challenging. However, with practice, you can master this concept.

    In this article, we will discuss some exercises on subject-verb agreement that you can use to improve your grammar skills. Let`s get started!

    Exercise 1: Multiple Choice

    Choose the correct verb that agrees with the subject in the following sentences.

    1. The dogs ___________ chasing the cat.

    a) is

    b) are

    c) were

    2. My friend and I ___________ going to the movies.

    a) am

    b) are

    c) were

    3. The book on the shelf ___________ mine.

    a) is

    b) are

    c) were

    4. The crowd ___________ cheering for their team.

    a) is

    b) are

    c) were

    5. The teacher and the students ___________ in the classroom.

    a) is

    b) are

    c) were

    Exercise 2: Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form

    Fill in the blanks with the correct verb form that agrees with the subject.

    1. The flowers ___________ in the garden. (bloom)

    2. My little sister ___________ a bicycle. (ride)

    3. The wind ___________ all night. (blow)

    4. The children ___________ the ball. (kick)

    5. The birds ___________ in the sky. (fly)

    Exercise 3: Correct the sentence

    Correct the following sentences by changing the verb form to agree with the subject.

    1. The group of singers sings beautifully.

    2. The team of players are ready to play.

    3. A pair of shoes were left behind.

    4. The news on the radio is sad.

    5. A lot of money have been spent on the project.

    By practicing these exercises, you can improve your subject-verb agreement skills. Remember that subject-verb agreement is an essential aspect of grammar, and it plays a significant role in creating effective writing. Keep practicing, and soon you`ll be a master of subject-verb agreement!

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    India recently signed double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAAs) with various countries to promote economic cooperation and prevent the double taxation of income. These agreements have been signed to enhance trade and business relationships with other countries and to provide mutual benefits to both parties. The Indian government has been actively signing such agreements to foster a healthy business environment and attract foreign investors to the country.

    Double taxation is an issue that arises when a person or company is taxed twice on the same income in two different countries. This can discourage foreign investors from investing in a country as it increases their tax liability and makes the investment unviable. In such cases, DTAAs come to the rescue.

    India has recently signed DTAAs with many countries such as Hong Kong, Switzerland, Belgium, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, and Brunei. These agreements have been signed to provide relief from double taxation by allowing taxpayers to claim a tax credit for taxes paid in one country against the tax liability in another country. This would also help in preventing tax evasion and promote fair taxation practices.

    The DTAA signed with Hong Kong is expected to benefit companies in sectors like shipping, financial services, and tourism. The agreement with Switzerland aims to promote economic cooperation and boost investments. The agreement with Belgium is expected to enhance trade relations between the two countries and provide relief from double taxation. The agreement with Kuwait aims to provide a stable business environment for Indian companies operating in Kuwait and vice versa. The agreement with Kazakhstan would help in the avoidance of double taxation on income from air travel. The agreement with Brunei is expected to encourage investment and increase bilateral trade between the two countries.

    In conclusion, the signing of DTAAs is a positive step towards promoting economic cooperation and attracting foreign investment to India. With these agreements, taxpayers can avoid double taxation and enjoy the benefits of a stable and predictable tax regime. India`s proactive steps to sign DTAAs with various countries indicate its willingness to enhance its business relations with other countries and promote a conducive environment for economic growth.